Solar Panel Installation.

Commercial or Residential

Bringing decades of energy construction experience to the solar industry, we provide unparalleled service and pricing.


Solar Panels Provide Excellent ROI for Commercial Applications

With rooftop, carports, or ground mounts as available options, 5 Star Solar can bring our decades of energy construction experience to your business.

By going solar, your business can lockin affordable energy rates, offset peak demand charges, and provide worry-free energy for years to come.

Reduce Household Electric Bills with Solar

The team at 5 Star Solar will work with you to identify the proper size and placement of your solar array to maximize the amount of energy that can be used for lights, appliances, and other electricity needs while staying within your budget.

In many cases, we can place solar panels on your rooftop, carport, pergola, or other secondary structure. When that isn't possible, we can install a custom ground mount for optimal solar energy harvesting.


5 Star Solar Benefits

Increased Value

Homes with solar power stand out and sell for a premium due to significantly reduce energy bills. Businesses can benefit too by offsetting peak usage and lower energy bills month-to-month.

Professional Experience

Our management team has decades of experience in the energy construction sector. They lead a team of highly experienced installers to ensure your job is done quickly and professionally.

Statewide Service

We've built an internal network that allows us to provide installation service anywhere in the state of Texas. From remote ranches in the Valley to housing subdivisions in Dallas and everywhere in between.

Serving all of Texas

With projects completed throughout the state, our crews are able to meet your solar panel installation needs.

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Solar Panel Installation Options

We have the capabilities to install your panels in a variety of locations to ensure optimal sun exposure.

Carports & Pergolas


Ground mounts